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Maya School for Underprivileged Children, Orchha, IndiaMaya School India was established in 2005 by Eeva Maya Schult who was visiting India and saw the extreme poverty among the labourers, farmers and their children in the Indian countryside. She decided to leave her job in Hamburg, Germany and move to India and start a school in Orchha, a rural town 230 km south of city of Agra.
Now her school provides basic education, school uniforms and food for some 80 children. She achieved her goal of building a new school in 2011 to help as many children as possible. Her funding is mostly based on private donations which are managed by a registered society in India.
She is also running a small hotel and a restaurant in Agra for tourists who visit the Taj Mahal. Eeva Maya's school project has been featured in the Finnish magazine, Suomen Kuvalehti, and on Finland's national TV broadcaster YLE, who made a documentary about the school in 2009.
Please support this grassroots project to help to create an opportunity for people who might otherwise never have one. The only way for sustainable development and prosperity is education. There is not a single country in this world that is poor with a high education level. Only with knowledge can people have skills to produce goods that have exchangeable value.
This requires resources that these people do not have and this is where you and I can help Eeva Maya in her project.


Most everyone living on the outskirts of ORCHHA M.P Madhya Pradesh are very poor and have children between 4-14 years of age.
The parents belong to the under-privileged caste, which gives them few opportunities to improve their lives. They are stuck below the poverty line in very poor conditions. Most of the parents are illiterate or have studied just a few years in primary school. They are mostly labourers, sweepers and beggars.


"On a weekend trip to the very beautiful village of Orchha, I passed an extremely impoverished colony of locals en route to sightseeing a monument. Little naked children were sitting on the filthy ground, surrounded by flies and insects, and they played with cow dung, putting it into their hungry mouths. I stopped dead in my tracks, shocked and touched, tears rolling down my face." -Eeva


"Weeks and months later, I saw those children again in my mind and decided to do something about it. I opened a shop in Orchha to begin financing a school." -Eeva

Our mission is to give educational opportunities to the poorest children living in Orchha, M.P. India with an ultimate aim for sustainable development and prosperity through education. This includes providing basic classes, such as English, Math, and Hindi, as well as proper clothing and daily meals for these children.

- To educate children in schools
- To observe and select gifted children and give them an education in different institutes
- To support families to start small businesses
- To finance a buffalo for ongoing supply of milk
- For farming e.g. giving small plots for vegetable farming
- To set up a local convenience store

Eeva Maya Schult
Maya School, Laxmi Mandir Road
Shyam Colony, Orchha
M.P. 472246